We believe in the importance of every one in more ways than one. We understand that Everyone counts and also that Every One counts. So, everyone has the ability to contribute One to bring about a meaningful metamorphosis in the society.

AID started this concept in 1991 when a few students contributed their one meal every month for India's development. In this campaign, we ask people to donate "one" meal every month for the causes/ projects on which AID is working. Through this campaign, we hope to bring about a change in the way people donate. The cost of a meal may be different for everyone, but it holds the same value for all of us - rich or poor. So, everyone can participate in this drive.

We always try to keep our operational costs for efficient usage of the funds. If you have some questions then please check out our FAQ section. You may also contact us directly if you can’t find answers to your queries. Once you are comfortable, please come forward and pledge your "one" meal every month towards a better life for thousands of people requiring assistance.